How To Take Decisions You’ll Be Proud Of

Get un-stuck with three simple steps

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  • unsure of my decisions if and when I make them and
  • constantly wondering if I made the right choice or if I just got lucky.

Overcoming Indecisiveness

There is a finality to the act of decision-making. And rightfully so. Choosing one thing usually eliminates many other choices. But choosing nothing puts all of the choices out of our reach. And yet, it’s easier to be indecisive and wait things out.

Picking The Best Option

While this is largely subjective, I’ve noticed one quality that separates good decisions from poor ones. Good decisions don’t feel very good in the moment but feel great after you’ve made them. Poor decisions feel great in the moment, but make you feel much worse once the consequences start to materialize.

Dealing With Uncertainty

Life is a game of both skill and luck. This means you could make good decisions and things can still go wrong due to things outside of your control. There’s no way to escape this. There is a way to manage it though. You won’t always be 100% right or 100% wrong about something in most cases. Life simply isn’t black and white — the worst decisions could have a silver lining while the best ones will have a slight downside in some way or another. One way to use this to our advantage is to think about probabilities.

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