Ten commandments to survive romantic relationships or the lack thereof

  1. Thou shalt not put your partner on a pedestal
  2. Thou shalt stop comparing your current partner to your ex(es)
  3. Remember to guiltlessly take some time to look after thyself
  4. Thou shalt stop making assumptions about what thy partner is thinking and try asking them instead
  5. Thou shalt explain what you want from them instead of expecting them to 'get you'
  6. Thou shalt stop worrying about being single for too long after your breakup
  7. Thou shalt keep an open mind but not so open that thee let thy partner get away with disrespectful behaviour
  8. Thou shalt not take thy partner for granted
  9. Thou shalt continue to improve yourself as a person even after settling into a stable relationship
  10. Thou shalt stop settling for less than what you’re worth.

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