The most important thing to guard during the pandemic

This too shall pass.

And when it does, rousing speeches will be made, inspirational poems will be written and novel ideologies will emerge.

And the truth is, life will go on, a little differently for some and massively differently for others.

Time will pass and the world will move on, even if things won't quite be the same.

When you look back at this phase of your life, you’ll be reminded of how bad things were.

And perhaps to a very uncomfortable degree, you'll also be reminded of the kind of person you chose to be during the entire duration of the crisis.

Did you let your fears rule your ability to reason things out?

Did you use your privilege to deny things to the less fortunate or did you use it instead to make things easier for everyone?

Did you show the world you could make the best decisions possible when things were uncertain?

Or did you succumb to uncertainty and let it bring out the worst in you?

People are getting a little desperate. People might not show their best elements to you. You must never lower yourself to being a person you don’t like. There is no better time than now to have a moral and civic backbone. To have a moral and civic true north. This is a tremendous opportunity for you, a young person, to be heroic — Henry Rollins

Who you decide to be during the crisis may well end up defining who you are and what you stand for.

Would you be willing to trust someone who became desperate and immoral when the chips were down?

It's only logical to expect upstanding, morally sound behaviour from yourself when you're enduring a crisis.

There's no better time to hold yourself to a higher standard.

You don't have to emerge more productive or more educated after this crisis, just strengthening your moral compass is by far the most important duty you have towards yourself.

Right now, the world is asking you who you are. Answer in a way that will make you proud even after the storm passes.

Author of 'How to be a Lighthouse'. I write for those pursuing excellence and meaning.

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