Three Christmas presents you’ll always have

And a few wishes from me.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, you can't be faulted for joining in the festivities and dreaming up your own Christmas miracle.

This holiday season, taking a page from Epicurus, I'd like to remind you of three things that you'll always have or be able to find by doing little else other than being your truest self.

Your friends — It’s not the length of association that determines the worth of a friendship. When you think of friends, think of those people who make it safe for you to be who you are irrespective of your station in life. Maybe you don’t talk to them every single day or remember friend-versaries and birthdays, but they’re always willing to lend their ears to you if you want to rant. Maybe they’re the ones who look out for you when you’re attempting something new or maybe they’re hustling with you working alongside that dream you’re each after. If you can’t think of anyone like that, think of one or two people who you would want to see succeeding, who you’re a well wisher of. That’s what it means to be a friend. You don’t need money, or privilege or intelligence to be able to afford a friendship. All you need is to open your heart and show up as you are and let others be who they are.

Your thoughts — If you’re feeling a little stymied, know that limitations may exist in the physical world but your thoughts can never be shackled. Sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can’t touch you unless you let them. The power to change your life exists in mastering your thoughts. If you are an overthinker and have a hard time getting control, you can always bring back your attention to your breath. Once you feel calm, take stock of where your thoughts are right now? Are they thinking of an uncertain future or dredging up the past that you can’t change? Either way, pick apart your thoughts and choose to step into your power. The source of anxiety and of regret is all within you and so is the remedy. Lift up the quality of your thoughts to reclaim your life.

Your freedom — It is all too easy to feel like you’re beset on all sides by expectations from other people, whether that’s friends or family or even the society. But to be perfectly clear, at the end of the day, it’s your life and you are the only person that is fully affected by the decisions you take. If at any point you feel like you’re partaking in something that doesn’t feel right to you and if you feel like you’re only doing it to fit in or to not ruffle any feathers, know that taking the ‘other option’ is always available to you. It may anger or disappoint some people, but you’re never powerless to follow your own path. Sure, following your own path comes with its own set of trade offs but remember you always have a choice to change things. Always.

While you have these phenomenal gifts to treasure, I wish that you never lose sight of them even when it's harder to remember them on some days.

No matter how bleak it gets, I wish that you are able to see the abundance that surrounds you. I wish that you journey into the new year feeling like you have everything you need and still rise up strong to seek new adventures.

I hope that you find your faith renewed, your life enriched and your relationships strengthened.

Most of all, I wish that you'll always remember that you are enough. You are beautiful and by being true to who you are, you have the power to inspire others to revel in their uniqueness too.

Merry Christmas!

Sending you all my love,


Author of 'How to be a Lighthouse'. I write for those pursuing excellence and meaning.

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