Why Did You Have To Go Become an Angry Feminist?


I'm irked when waiter brings the bill to my dad when I'm the one treating my parents because I've gotten promoted

I'm annoyed that I can't stay for the after party because the world suddenly becomes less safe for me but stays the same for my male friends

My heart breaks because my team has little to no women in powerful leadership positions

Did I mention that I squirm with indignation when my marital plans are part of interview questions

It bothers me that I have to fill out "husband's name" in a special section on application form only if I'm a woman

Why can't I write I'm "looking for a house husband" on my matrimonial profile while "looking for a housewife" isn't out of place?

I'm bothered that women take on their husband's surnames though it's not a legal requirement.

It shocks me that dowry is still a thing in our country.

It annoys me that parents with daughters have to save for both their education and their wedding.

Most of all, it bothers me when my male friends dismiss my arguments of the uncomfortable reality of being a woman in this country.



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Archana Lakshman Rao

Author of 'How to be a Lighthouse'. I write for those pursuing excellence and meaning.